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Early Intervention for Primary-Aged Kids

Does your child have unusual oral habits like thumb sucking, teeth erupting in peculiar positions, or teeth trapped behind other teeth? If yes, we recommend bringing them in for an early intervention assessment at Brisbane CBD Dental Clinic. Mouth breathing and snoring are other signs that your child might benefit from early intervention orthodontics.

happy kidsIt’s important to understand that at an early age, problems might appear small but can develop into severe issues, impacting both function and aesthetics. We aim to identify and mitigate these concerns before they become serious, saving you and your child from potentially more intensive orthodontic correction in the future.

Catching Orthodontic Issues Early

First orthodontic consults start as young as age seven, and it’s crucial not to ignore any concern raised by your dentist. Orthodontic issues like thumb sucking, severe crowding, and narrow jaws can be managed even at that age. Devices such as expanders can help grow the jaw to the correct size, making space for their adult teeth.

Benefits of Early Treatment

Getting ahead of orthodontic issues has numerous benefits, from saving your child from future aesthetic problems to preventing functional and developmental issues. Early intervention aims to reduce the severity of problems in teenagers and adults.

A Typical Early Intervention Appointment

Bringing your child for an early intervention appointment need not be stressful. Our staff is trained to establish a light and enjoyable atmosphere, easing any anxieties. We show parents proposed treatments and discuss finalised treatment plans before starting. Treatment duration is usually between three to nine months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should consider early intervention?

While seven to nine years is the general age group for these treatments, if you notice any specific concerns about your child’s oral health, you should consult us as soon as possible. Early intervention orthodontics can benefit primary school-aged children.

Does Insurance Cover this?

Depending on your level of health cover and your individual policy, some health funds will cover a portion of orthodontic treatment.

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